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Doyle Sails- A Story of Innovation

The high performance sail making industry is an industry that has historically been a very difficult industry to enter. It has been dominated by a few large companies and presents very large barriers to entry due to the expense of having large sail lofts, the expertise needed by the sail makers and by customer loyalty to existing brands.

However, in recent years the industry has seen a new big name emerging at the forefront and that is Doyle Sails. Their rise to prominence has been in large part to their innovation and social proof that they have worked hard to get over the last number of years.

This rise started with the innovation of their structured luff sail technology. This technology, which has now been mimicked by other brands, put their sails at the very cutting edge of sail technology. What this meant is that their sails went faster and consequently a number of well known sailing teams started to change their sail inventory.

This then led to the building of social proof. As more teams were winning events using Doyle sails, more and more other teams decided to switch, further building the social proof that is required by brands to gain and retain customers.

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