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Taking good copy and making it work in the digital space.

In the marketing world today there are thousands of marketers producing excellent marketing copy for the brands they work for. The copy is engaging and relevant but in many cases fails to convert when put to use on the brand’s digital platforms. In 2018, Google did some research and using data from the Boston Consulting Group found that a massive 98% of marketers did not realise or use the full potential of data-driven marketing. Google’s answer to this is the 5 A’s of digital transformation


One of the most repeated words in digital marketing today, but still not fully utilised by many marketers when writing copy. It is critical that before pen is put to paper, on and offline customer data is compiled across all channels, the data is evaluated and a clear targeting strategy is defined for all levels of the marketing funnel and all relevant media.


The next challenge faced by a marketer is to effectively use their copy across multiple channels. Different platforms require different approaches, you wouldn’t use the same content to target audiences on TikTok as you would to target people in group forums. Use your targeting strategy to produce relevant content for each platform, adapting your original copy to suit.


You want to have access to your customer at all points of their purchasing journey. By using the advanced metrics that modern platforms such as social media provide, you can see where you can best impact your customer at each stage and with what marketing channel.


Continuing from the access point, it is important that you use platform metrics to measure what platforms are working best for your brand at what stages of the purchasing journey. By compiling this data you can build a picture of what journeys different demographics make to a purchase which can further help to make more effective copy for your platforms.


These campaigns will produce a huge amount of data that quickly becomes overwhelming. By integrating CRM systems into your marketing you can begin to automate many of these processes, allowing you to focus more on creating the copy.

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